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Sealander EzaWatch From Germany

Views: 0     Author: Dylawellwatch     Publish Time: 2023-08-28      Origin: Ezawatches

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Sealander EzaWatch From Germany

Eza Watches is a brand from a small watchmaking town called Pforzheim in Germany. Pforzheim has been called the “entrance to the black forest” due to its location in south-west Germany. The town is mostly known by its historical jewelry and watchmaking industry, which goes back more than 250 years. That’s why the city bear the name “Goldstadt” (Gold City) .

Eza Watches (5)

Eza means: “One who is always eager to help“. Thanks to your movements during the day, you are helping the movement to charge itself. In exchange the watch helps you by showing you the time.

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Nowadays the brand is being managed by a young watchmaker and entrepreneur, Adriaan Trampe (28). He has a big passion for craftmanship and especially watchmaking. To put this passion to use, he started a watchmaking education in a small close to his birthplace Rotterdam, called Schoonhoven.

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Today, Eza Watch do the same work just like before. Staying close to the watchmaking tradition by using only mechanical movements and assemble the watches in it’s hometown Pforzheim. The parts are mainly sourced now in Switzerland, where the HQ is located. By using similar parts in different watch models, Eza unifies the productions and keeps the unnecessary costs down, which benefits the final customer.

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