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Company Customized Advantage

10+ Years

With over a decade of manufacturing and customizing watches, our company is equipped to fulfill your diverse customization needs for mechanical watches, quartz watches, and accessories.

15+ Years

Our team of watch engineers possesses over 15 years of design experience, ensuring exceptional expertise in the field of watchmaking.


Explore a wide array of over 1000 unique watch styles to choose from.

2 To 1 Service

After confirming our partnership, you will be assigned a 2-to-1 service model featuring a passionate sales representative and an experienced watch engineer. Together, they will provide simultaneous support and real-time answers to your inquiries regarding watch customization.


Customize with a Minimum Order of just 20pcs for certain watch styles.

10-Step Process

With years of production experience, we have developed a scientific and user-friendly custom production process. This process allows us to create customized watches and accessories that meet your satisfaction.
About us
Unleash Your Style, Crafted Time, Embrace Adventure.
Explore new possibilities for your brand as you customize your watch with premium materials and innovative functionalities, creating a timepiece that stands out in the market.
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Address: 5th Floor, Hongjingda
      Industrial Park,Shiyang Street, 
      Bao’an District, Shenzhen,
      Guangdong, China.