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The Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair 2023
The Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair 2023: Unveiling Innovations in Horology and Timepiece ExcellenceThe countdown has begun for one of the most anticipated events in the world of horology. The Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair is set to return in grand style in 2023, showcasing an array of cutting-edge inno
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The Surge of Microbrands: A Compelling Trend to Watch
Diving deep into the world of horology, today we explore a topic that's been generating quite a buzz: the remarkable rise of microbrand watches. As passionate proponents of microbrands ourselves, we wholeheartedly affirm their significance.First, let's define "microbrand watches." These timepieces a
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Guide to Selecting the Ideal Diver Watch
Embarking on the ocean of choices when it comes to diver watches might appear daunting, but armed with knowledge, you'll confidently navigate to the watch that's a perfect match. This guide is your compass, steering you towards understanding the key elements to seek in a diver watch, ensuring it har
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Sealander EzaWatch From Germany
Eza Watches is a brand from a small watchmaking town called Pforzheim in Germany. Pforzheim has been called the “entrance to the black forest” due to its location in south-west Germany. The town is mostly known by its historical jewelry and watchmaking industry, which goes back more than 250 years.
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How to Choose A Good Watch Manufacturer in China
Looking for marketing watches to boost your brand's visibility? It's clear that you're considering launching your own watch brand and seeking the right watch manufacturing partners worldwide. When making this important decision, several crucial questions come to mind:1. Which countries are known for
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Amazon Reviews for EUTOUR Magnetic Bead Analog Mechanical Watch
Watches, a timeless accessory, have seen their fair share of evolution. From intricate designs with numerals to simple hands pointing direction, preferences vary widely. The allure of minimalist timepieces is undeniable, and EUTOUR's latest innovation, the Magnetic Bead Analog Mechanical Watch, has
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Unveiling the Exquisite Fusion: Laarvee's Unique Crashed Submariner Watch
In the world of timepieces, innovation often takes center stage, and this year, the small yet vibrant brand Laarvee has captured attention by presenting a remarkable creation that marries the iconic charm of Cartier's twisted aesthetic with the rugged allure of Rolex's legendary Submariner series. B
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About Dylawell Watch Manufacturer
Dylawell Watch has been a trusted manufacturer of high-quality custom watches in Shenzhen, China for over 10 years. Our independent watch factory is where we design and produce more than 1000 watch styles. Quality control is our top priority, and we believe that every detail in the watch design and
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